Tips on How to Get a Video Game Tester Job

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Imagine getting paid for doing something you absolutely love such as playing video games? This is truly a gamers’ dream job and one they would go all out to obtain. So how do you go about getting a job as a video game tester? Here are a few basic tips to head you in the right direction.

The first thing you need to be able to do is enjoy playing video games, this is a pretty obvious staring point as there no point even considering applying for a video game tester job if you don’t like gaming. Being passionate about video games means being almost addicted to finding out all the bugs that need to be tested for and not seeing the less interesting aspect of video game playing as a chore.

Another tip is to remember that video games are in fact software and should be treated as such. It is important to understand the basics of software and learn how to test for things such as bugs in the software. Also do not limit yourself into testing one specific gaming platform. Limiting yourself narrows you chance of getting your dream job as a video game tester. Become familiar with all the different platforms such as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

Try to acquire some game testing experience before actually applying for a job doing such. This will increase your skill and also your knowledge on the subject. Brush up too what you know about the gaming industry and this will help you decide which company you would like to approach for possible employment as a video game tester.

Lastly, make sure you produce an awesome resume or CV complete with cover letter. You’ll need to blow everyone away with your skills and knowledge, so by having a top notch application you are sure to stand out from the crowd and land yourself that dream job and become a video game tester for a top gaming company.

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